Sally Beauty Supply Hours

Sally beauty supply has everything you want for your beauty care. It has a wide variety of beauty products that you can choose to meet your needs. These beauty products are used to enhance or to improve your hair, nails and skin. However, with their intention to really give their customers everything they need while giving them the best services, Sally beauty supply has also boutique jewelries and accessories that you can choose.

Sally beauty supply has many branches located in different cities and states to meet the needs of their customers in every locality. Sally beauty supply hours vary, depending on the branch where it is located. The Sally beauty supply hours at one branch can be different from the Sally beauty Supply hours being followed in another branch. For instance, a branch located in a specific area opens from 9 in the morning to 8 in the evening from Monday to Saturday. On Sunday, Sally beauty supply hours are limited; it opens from 11 in the morning until 6 in the evening. This is just one schedule followed by one or two branches, other branches have other Sally Beauty supply hours. To give you more details about the Sally beauty supply hours, you can just visit and check on some links on the internet. Everything you need and want to know about Sally Beauty Supply schedules and address and other contact details or information are all listed on these specified links.

Sally beauty supply products can also be viewed through the internet. This can also help you save time and energy in looking for the right stuff that only Sally Beauty Supply has. The beauty products they offer are really safe to use and can really give you what you want at a very low and reasonable price.

Cynthia Rowley Bedding Collection

Cynthia Rowley Bedding Collection are designed and created by the award winning designer from Chicago, Cynthia Rowley. You can find Cynthia Rowley Bedding Collection in boutiques all around the world, on the most important shopping streets, from New York and Los Angeles, to Japan and Europe. Cynthia Rowley Bedding Collection is one of the best bedding brands that you will find on the market. It is true that the price can go quite up, but if you want the best quality and a great design for your bed, you should go for it.

Cynthia Rowley Bedding Collection

But before buying Cynthia Rowley Bedding Collection, you need to consider some important points:

  • Look for handmade enhancers – The handmade enhancers offer softness for the sheets, but unfortunately it goes away after the first wash. The good thing is that Cynthia Rowley Bedding Collection is 100% natural, so it will be as smooth as you feel it in the shop even after 100 washes.
  • Focus on the cotton – You need to sleep on 100% cotton. If you didn’t do it before, you will see the difference. Try combed or Egyptian cotton, or even Pima cotton sheets. You can find them all in Cynthia Rowley Bedding sheets, and you will never go back to the normal ones.
  • The thread count is important – Always remember that a high threat number doesn’t mean the quality of the material is superior. 400 – threat is the limit, but the normal sheets have a threat between 200 and 400. If you see higher numbers, don’t think you will buy quality sheets. They are simply inflated.
  • Keep your receipts – After you buy sheets from Cynthia Rowley Bedding Collection, remember to keep all the receipts, even if the brand is famous for its high quality. Many stores or online shops have return policies, so in case it doesn’t suit your bed, your bedroom, or you are simply not happy with it, you can send it back. Even after washing it, if you notice the quality is not the same, you can take it back to the store.

Short Hairstyles

Short hairstyles for women can make her look a year or years younger. For older women, short hairstyles can regain her youthful look. Aside from making women look younger, short hairstyles can also help a thin or limp hair to have volume and body.

Short hairstyles

As women grow older, she experienced many changes in her physical appearance. One of the changes that can easily be noticed is her hair. Her hair becomes thinner and its color becomes gray or white. Since the hair is considered as the crowning glory, it is important that special attention should be given to the hair. Women should choose the best hairstyle that will complement the shape and features of their face. These short hairstyles should also fit their personality and style. For instance, layered bob cut can make them look professional and elegant. However, Asymmetrical bob cut with a sidewise bangs can make her look like a teenager or a college student. For older women a short layered bob cut can give them a look that’s cool and elegant.

The pixie cuts are among the different short hairstyles that can make women look dazzling and sporty. Just like the bob cut, pixie cuts have many cuts and styles that you can choose. These hairstyles can look good for hair that is straight, wavy or curly.

Chanel Nail Polish

Chanel is one of the best brands in the fashion and cosmetic industry in the world, but it is also one of the most expensive. However, their products are high quality and very fashionable, and the Chanel nail polish is one of the best on the market.

If you didn’t try it yet, you need to buy Chanel nail polish as soon as possible. It is true that it is a little bit expensive – around $30 for a bottle, but it doesn’t chip, it has a great formula and really gorgeous colors. You will see that the color will last a long time on your nails and doesn’t chip at all, like the cheaper nail polishes. You will love Chanel nail polish after the first use.

If you decided to buy it, here are the best Chanel nail polish colors for this summer:

  • Chanel Distraction – This Chanel nail polish has a great lovely pink color, with a coral shade. It looks perfect during summer, on tanned skin with white outfits, when you want to add a pop color to your entire look. It even has some shimmering particles, which make perfect for a night out.
  • Chanel Vendetta – One of the most popular Chanel nail polish colors is this black purple nail polish with a glossy finish. You will love it instantly! It is perfect for parties and club nights.
  • Chanel Holiday – As its name says, this is the best nail polish for the holidays. A dark orange will give you the color touch you need.
  • Chanel Dragon – The classic red nail polish, every woman needs to have. It is really the perfect red, it stays glossy on your nails for days and it doesn’t chip. The great news: it will give you full coverage with only one coat.
  • Chanel Rouge Noir – If you want something darker, like a cherry-chocolate color, this is the nail polish for you. It looks awesome and it is really easy to match with jeans or an office suit.
  • Chanel Diwali – This metallic finish is perfect for any party! It will give you a diva look!

Short hairstyles for women over 40

Short hairstyles for women are not only good in summer or on a hot sunny day. It is also good to wear or to adapt this hairstyle on the cold winters day. Short hairstyles for women over 40 is just a great hairstyle to adapt. At 40 or over forty, some woman starts getting depressed seeing that the number of  gray hair growing on their head is more than the black hair. Their hair becomes thinner and it all looks dull and lifeless. What has to be done is to have a hair makeover and to choose the best short hairstyles for women over 40.

The short hairstyles for women over 40 have different styles that can match the shape and features of the face. The bob cut and the pixie cut are the common hairstyles that can make women over 40 to look young and elegant. These short hairstyles for women over 40 can give volume and bounce to the dull hair. A bob asymmetrical hairstyle, with a cherry red color hue can make you look fashionable. It can also make you look boyish but sophisticated. The Princess Diane hairstyle can make you look elegant and gorgeous. Short hairstyles for women over 40 can be more stylish if you add hue and gel to hold the hair in place.

OPI Matte Nail Polish Overview

The latest trends in manicure involve the OPI matte nail polish. Probably you are still used with shiny nails and you wonder why should you use top coats? Just think about is as a new trend, something different, something you need to try. And we guarantee you that after trying it, you will fall in love with the matte nail polish.

Exactly how it sounds, the OPI matte nail polish will give you a matte finish, which means the nail polish won’t be shiny anymore. The matte nails are trendy for more than 4 seasons and the spring-summer 2014 introduced them again. You can see them on the most famous runways, from Prada, L.A.M.B., and Catherine Malandrinp, to DKNY.

How to use the OPI matte nail polish

If you want to get your nails matte, you need to buy a special nail polish. The best is OPI matte nail polish. When you will buy it, you’ll see that every bottle has a small tag that explains how to apply it and suggestions on how to wear it.

The great thing about the OPI matte nail polish is that you don’t need to use a base coat or a top coat to get the matte nail. OPI says they use a different formula which gives the nails the matte look. The base will just make the nail polish go off faster.

When apply it, keep in mind that it dries pretty fast, so you need to be quick and meticulous. Don’t hesitate with the brush because you will see the imperfections instantly. The nail polish is quite thick, but you still need to add two-three coats to get the perfect nails.

Another cool thing about the OPI matte nail polish is that it comes in many different colors and shades that you will love. The most popular that you should try immediately are Gargantuan Green Grape Matte, another great examples are also La Paz Hot Matte, Alpine Snow Matte, Russian Navy Matte and Lincoln Park After Dark Matte. Don’t waste more time, get trendy today!

Clay Matthews 2014

Clay Matthews 2014 is an American football player who belongs to the family who has a special talent about football. As what people say “It runs in the blood” Clay has proven his skills in this particular sport. Clay Matthews 2014 is the third member of the family whose love and passion for football has been preserved and passed on from one generation to another.

Clay, the linebacker of the popular football team Green Bay Packers of the National Football Team, is 28 years old and was born on May 14, 1986. He was from Northridge, California. Clay Matthews 2014 is also called “The Claymaker”. He spent his high school education in Agoura High School in Agoura Hills, California. He was then a player of the Agoura Chargers high school football team. After high school, he studied at the University of Southern California hoping to be a member of the Trojans football team.

His dream to play football with the University of Southern California Trojans football team was realized when he played with the team from 2004 to 2008.

As a normal person, Clay has the love of his life. His girlfriend is Kristi Stalter. She is a teacher and a fashion blogger. Kristi is beauty and brains all rolled into one which makes Clay Matthews 2014 proud and happy.

Red Carpet Dresses 2014

Red Carpet Dresses 2014 are a collection of gowns, dresses and other outfits worn on special occasions or events. Some of these red carpet dresses 2014 are worn during the Oscar Awards Night where all the ladies wore something fabulous and unique to look good and be the center of the crowd. During this event The women paraded and displayed their red carpet dresses 2014. Some dresses are modest yet gives the ladies a sexy look. There are also dresses that just barely cover the private parts of its users. Find more details at

Oscar Awards Night is a special night where celebrities gather to give honor to deserving celebrities who did well in their career. It is also a special night when celebrities can show their best gowns or suits to everybody. Oscar Awards Night 2014 is another star studded night where celebrities and guests graced the special event with their red carpet dresses 2014. The awards night became a fashion show gallery. Different gown designs worn by famous celebrities can be seen everywhere. Some look gorgeous and elegant with their gown while some women look their worst with what they are wearing.

Red carpet dresses 2014 are made by famous designers. It is made of quality materials, perfectly tailored to the fit each user. To give the gown or dress the desired effect to the users, jewelries and other accessories can be used to give striking effects. More so, an elegant hairstyle and a nice pair of shoes make it more perfect.

Kirstie Allsopp Bedding

What can be rewarding after a very busy day? Well, nothing can beat the idea that resting and lying down on a soft and cozy bed can just be the best reward. A nice and soft beddings on a soft bed can take away the tiredness felt from a very hectic schedule.

Not all beddings can be as soft and cozy as the Kirstie Allsop Bedding. It is made from quality materials that can give 100% comfort to the users. While it’s true that all of us needs a nice and cozy bedroom, we also have to give the best bedding to our bed. Kirstie Allsopp bedding has everything we need to make our room the best bedroom. Read more details about it at

Kirstie Allsopp bedding includes a variety of room accessories like linens, pillows, throw pillows, cushions, bed covers, toppers and protectors, blankets, bed sheets, flat sheets. They also have a wide variety of the best bedroom beddings and accessories with prices that ranges and vary according to the design, color and size of the covers and other accessories.

To get the best Kirstie Allsopp Bedding, it is advisable to check it online to have an idea how much it cost and to know if there are available promotions and discount offer. It is also available to check it online to see the different designs that you will need for your bed. Kirstie Allsopp Bedding can also be purchased online with an assurance that the purchased items will be shipped and delivered on time.

Short Black Hairstyles 2014

“Black is beautiful” and with it comes a picture of an African American lady who looks so gorgeous and elegant with a short shiny black hair that looks perfect as it blends with her skin tone or color. The short black hairstyles 2014 are in and are just the right hairstyle for black women.

Short black hairstyles 2014

Our hair is our crowning glory which can make us more attractive. However, our hairstyle can either make or break us. There are many hairstyles but not all of them can look good or best to anybody. We have to remember that faces have different shapes and for every shape, a particular hairstyle will fit or blend with it. What is important for us to do is to consider the shape of our face for whatever hairstyle we want to have.

Short black hairstyles 2014 help women who have curly hair to shine and bloom. Curly hair is cut short, and with it comes the magic that makes black women look fashionable and elegant. More so, the shiny black hair these women possessed makes her a perfect model of short black hairstyles 2014.

Afro-American ladies make a good model for short black hairstyles 2014. They are blessed to have a hair which is shiny and black as the night. This hairstyle, short black hairstyles 2014 also help these ladies stand out as they looked or appeared sexy and taller because of the neck exposure; the shorter the hair, the more exposure is given to the neck.