Latest celebrity news 2014

We want everything new, we have all those data you wanted to hear since you were drinking coffee and talking with your friends. We have the news on new hair style of Angelina Jolie, something new from the Aniston couple which is waiting for a baby if we can believe to the press from the west coast. Read more at ! Also, if you are ready we have the best gossip on the world, we have the news from the house of Smith where the story about the divorce never stopped and there is no guilt in anybody of the marriage couple because neither of one is having a part of the problem on their backs.

Celebrity News 2014

Everything is cool in Latest celebrity news 2014

Latest celebrity news 2014 in clued a lot of gossips so you can see that we are trying to keep you safe from all misleading news. Be with us and see why Oprah is no longer a big friend of a president and why Beyonce has a new singing relationship with audience. You just need to find something which will interest you and something which will make a star from you while you are drinking a morning coffee.

Nail polish rack

Nail Polish RackAs the time goes by, we all got stuck with so many polish bottles spread everywhere! Well, the time has come so let’s show some respect to our beloved polishes!

Solution number one

So, if you are not into making things, then you can order your nail polish rack. There are lots of them which look nice, and their only fault is that they can be a bit pricey. However, if money is not a problem, wait no more and get it!

How about some creativity?

If you think that making your rack would be quite a fun, and then get down to it. It is very easy, you just need to get adequate material, and you can find the list on internet. Options are numerous, so don’t be discouraged if something goes wrong, call a friend or some relative who is skilful with tools, and he will surely help you.

More ideas for you!

Yours is just to be into making any kind of nail polish rack, and the rest will go easily. You can also use some spice racks or some interesting boxes which have few compartments, so that you can arrange your polishes well. There are many ways to keep them spick and span, so there are no excuses, find some time and have that done.

Hairstyles for fine hair

Fine hair can really be bad especially when it is standing on a way of the beautiful hairstyles that you would like to get for yourself. In addition to that, we should tell you that there are some great short hairstyles for fine hair that will make you look amazing especially now when short hair is vastly popular.

What makes short hair so special?

Most of you know that ladies tend to avoid wearing short hair because of the popular belief that short hair will make them look boyish. However, there are some really cool short hairstyles for fine hair that will make you look elegant and gorgeous and far from manly and boyish look. Most of these hairstyles are based on cuts that will only make you look younger and lovely. Then again, when choosing your ideal short hairstyles for fine hair you should also pay attention to what kind of a face you have as it is well-known that not all faces shapes are looking great with short haircuts. For most of the short hairstyles for fine hair oval and square shapes are most fitting.

Sexy and awesome short haircuts for fine hair

There are different short hairstyles for fine hair that will make you look awesome and great and especially if you are looking for a haircut that will make you look elegant and sexy. Some of the most popular short hairstyles for fine hair are based on pimping up the volume in the back of your head that will give you the elegance you seek for. If you are seeking for something that can look trendy, retro yet remain elegant you should turn to stylish fringe that can give you the texture and elegance depending on how you decide to stylize it.

Short hairstyles for fine hair based on layers

Some of the coolest and trendiest short hairstyles for fine hair are based on many different types of layers as layers are the thing that gives you volume, natural volume when you are struggling with fine hair. Many of the layered short haircuts will make you look wild and free-spirited but you can also wear these hairstyles to many formal occasions. When it comes to layers in combination with bangs you should know that there really are some great hairstyles that will make you look both sexy and younger.

Motogp calendar 2014

Here is some news for Motogp calendar 2014. Hope you are ready!

The new season is going to start on March 23rd and the first race will be night race in Qatar and the last one in Valencia on November 9th.  As you know this year should have 19 races and the races that were added to Motogp calendar 2014 are Argentina and Brazil. Since 1999, Argentina is again included and they have built new Termas de Rio Hondo circuit. Brazil in the other hand was waiting for completion of works for the Brasilia circuit which has not been finished. Visit TopMotoGP for more!


According to new information The International Motorcycling Federation (FIM) has updated a Motogp calendar 2014, and Brazil is out so now we have 18 races for this season. Even if last race in Brazil was in 2004, the race that was planned after 10 years in Rio de Janeiro on September 28th now is cancelled. Reason why Dorna, the main promoter the FIM and MotoGP made this decision was that the full rebuilding project on the Brasilia circuit which was planned for June 2014 didn’t get final homologation approval. Beside Argentina this Motogp event supposed to be one of two South American races.

Eliminating Brazil from the calendar will lead to reorganization of race dates. The date which is currently reserved for Brazil will be will be assigned to Aragon which was planned for September 21st. What is also interesting is the fact that none of the participants has made plans for trip to Rio de Janeiro.

Richard Armitage

Richard Armitage is very popular English actor. He was born August 22, 1971 in Huncote, Leicester, England. He is very cheerful man and has a talent for acting.


Before he started his career of actor, he was in circus for 6 weeks in Budapest. Then, Richard Armitage returned in his fatherland and try in musical theatre and performing in different productions. Also, he tries to acting in drama theaters. In 2002 he appeared in his first television role, and as the main actor, as John Standring in drama Sparkhouse. In 2004 he appeared in North & South as John Thorton. Since then, his career is going uphill.

Richard Armitage


In theater Richard Armitage played since 1998 when he played Bernardo in Hamlet. Then, in 1999 he played Ritchie in The Four Alice Bakers. Also, in 1999 he played Angus in Macbeth. In 2000 he played Delio in The Duchess of Malfi, and several others.


To date, Richard Armitage had much role in television, theatre and film. His first film role was “smug man at party” in This Year’s Love, but this year he play in 2 films – Thorin Oakenshield in The Hobbit: There and Back Again, and Garry Morris in Into the Storm. We wish him much luck in his future career.

Part time jobs for 17 year olds

You want to be free for your holidays and to sit around whole day in your house waiting for money from your parents? You can do it better, you can be very clever and you can make it very fast because your future depends on the reason you think you should try. Read to find out more!

Part time jobs for 17 year olds will open you some other possibilities

Everyone has a chance; you have the best time of your life to think about the behavior you want to show to the whole world. Start something you simple love. Start for example your activities like babysitting for your neighbors, you can go and work in a restaurant because it is just the time of holidays and you should make your money with not fears.

Just click on the right jobs you can think about

A lot of people is doing similar thing as you are thinking on, a lot of people is going on this way and you should try it, nothing will be as perfect as your life after that decision. You are on your start. You are on the very beginning and you should be happy with Part time jobs for 17 year olds.

Haircuts for fine hair

When you look for the right style for certain hair type, you need to have right directions how to do that and where to look for. For example, if you are interested to find out more about haircuts for fine hair, we shall show you how to do that. If you want to read extensively about it, make sure you visit Tory ‘s website.

Haircuts for fine hair

Get to know main features of your hair

As for haircuts for fine hair, that is, any type of hair, you need to be clear about good and bad sides of that hair type. Nothing is the same, thin and fine hair has one sort of problems, while thick has the others. As for straight and curly hair types, both of them are different in texture, so it is natural that they require different care. Of course, have in mind that different length hairstyles won’t look the same, depending on the combination your hair has.

Define your face shape

Another important thing to know while choosing haircuts for fine hair and other types and lengths of hair is the shape of your face. So, not all the mentioned types will look the same on round, square or some other face shape. Each type of face shape has some advantages and disadvantages, and yours is to get to know them, and find the way to use them. So, your goal should be to point out good features, and hide the bad ones your face has.

Good places and ways to find out more about hairstyles

Now that you know these practical tips how to find the haircuts for fine hair and any other type, you should know where to search for them. You know all those fashion magazines, they seem like a good place where you can find some interesting and useful information about hairstyles. However, an excellent thing is that now you can find magazines in e-edition, which makes your quest even easier. You just type in the specific thing you want to find, and you will find many pictures and comments for various hairstyles. Besides all these things, a good old chit chat with your friends and your hairstylist can also be very helpful while looking for the haircuts for fine hair. As you see, it is very easy to find what you need, you just have to be practical and sure what is the thing you want!

Marc Marquez girlfriend

Marc Marquez, do you know who he is? Have you heard about him? Well, if you just heard this name, and have no idea who he actually is, this young boy is the youngest driver and the youngest world champion in MotoGP.

Marc Marquez Girlfriend

Even of this great achievement, this young, only 20 years old man is a simple, polite and very shy in a private life. And, when someone is young, successful sportsmen, good looking guy, it is just normal that many girls and women are interested for him and wants to know details about his private life. Especially should not be surprised why many women want to know who Marc Marquez girlfriend is. You can find out the secret at

Being a young, great racer, who won significant awards, doesn’t mean that he run a creasy life. He is actually very shy, quite a nice guy, who enjoys to spend time with his family and don’t talk openly about his private life.

So, who is Marc Marquez girlfriend?  Does she exist? The answer is almost logical. His girlfriend is his bike! And that is the whole truth, at these days. His bike is more than just machine for him, and he treats it with ultimate love. In one of his last interview, the young Spanish racer said that girls are not something that is very serious at his age… Of course, there are many rumors involving his girlfriend, and one of the last is that his girlfriend is a Spanish model, who spends time with him. Is this just a gossip or truth, remains to be seen.

Justin Bieber bedding

When we are young, our heroes usually happen to be some cartoon characters, so we like to have as many as possible gadgets with their faces on. When we grow older, like teenagers, those heroes happen to be real people, and if you ask some girls what may be the thing they would like- the answer could be Justin Bieber bedding!

Wacky or not?

Well, it is difficult to give some specific answer, because if you ask the ones which cannot do without him, the answer would be that it is not only Justin Bieber bedding they wanna have, it’s everything. On the other hand, those who don’t like him will call this idea a stupidity!

How to buy good sheet?

Let’s leave design for a sec, and think about sheet quality. No matter which picture is on, the material for your sheet should be nothing less than softy and natural one, so that you could sleep well. Avoid synthetic ones, because they are bad for you.

Let’s talk design!

Considering that there’s nothing you cannot do now, if you don’t like the existing designs of Justin Bieber bedding, then get down to creation and design your own one. Take a look at some pics to get idea or simply improve the one you have!

Black hairstyles 2014

Since a New Year has come, it is a perfect time to make new resolutions concerning your physical appearance. We want you to make some promises that will encourage you to keep them during this year.

First, we want you to promise to yourself that you will give your face necessary treatments at least two times a year. This will make you wonderful skin be nourished and well-treated (you will be thankful later for not having too many wrinkles around your eyes and moth). Another thing is entirely connected to your hair. Since your hair is black and curled, we want you to apply appropriate shampoos and conditioners, and hair masks at least once a week. Going to the hairdresser’s at least once in a three-month period is something you need to do to avoid damaged hair. And we would like to offer some black hairstyles 2014 that will give you that special look you are longing for.

Black hairstyles 2014

Cured hair needs attention

The most interesting black hairstyles 2014 are dedicated to the old, traditional look and that entirely involves curled and braids. You might choose some of those black hairstyles 2014 that involves modern approach, but sooner or later you may want to go back to traditional point of view. Because of all this, you need to take a good care of your hair, because it will lead you to be satisfied with your haircut.